Sexual Morality

Below are a few articles I have written in recent years that help clarify questions of sexual morality for Christians, and how churches can deal with sexual sin, and still preach the gospel to “all creatures.” Please feel free to e-mail me about these important issues or leave questions/comments below. Some of these links are to articles I wrote on my other blog.

Why We Believe What We Believe:

Personal Sin Must Be Handled Sensitively By The Church (12/4/13)

Why Living Together Is Wrong (10/20/11)

Why a loving church should confront sin in a divorce situation (4/11/11)

The Church Can Help Teenagers Who Lose Their Virginity (10/5/11)

Loving Churches Must Deal With Unmarried Couples (11/21/11)

Scenario: Divorce and remarriage in the church (12/12/11)

Scenario: homosexuals in church (12/11/11)

Churches Should Not Be Dating Centers For Adulterers (11/28/11)


Teaching Young Men To Control Their Passions (8/14/12)

Men Can’t Blame Their Lust On Women (4/24/12)

How Addiction To Pornography Affects your daughter: A First Person Account(12/13/11)

Relationships and Attitudes:

Why Forgiveness is Essential (2/2/11)

Christians need to interfere in each others lives (3/27/12)

About “Judging” sin (2/9/11)

Do Not Associate With Rebellious Christians (1/25/11)

Let Your Pastor Do His Job (1/16/11)


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