Comments on Local Sermons

The following pages include a synopsis and audio link to sermons delivered in local churches. Some of them include my analysis

Transformation” by Steve Hanusa at St. Luke United Methodist Church in Sheboygan. Pastor Steve’s sermon is exposed as being extremely dangerous in the way it subtly attacks the gospel message.

Have We Left Our First Love” by Paul Tautges at Immanuel Bible Church on the subject of church discipline. A great transcript to read if you have never heard solid, authoritative preaching on this subject.

God’s Sovereignty In Church” by Rick Glau at Reformation Presbyterian Church. Excellent sermon about fake Christianity versus real Christianity

Celebrated author Don Piper spoke about His 90 minutes in heaven at First Reformed Church in Oostburg on September 24, 2011. Click on the link for a brief summary and analysis of what he said.

Ressurrection, not Resuscitation” by Reverend Jim Hollister at First Congregational UCC. In this sermon Reverend Hollister takes a position against the bodily ressurrection of Christ.

Don’t Accept Christ or Ask Jesus Into Your Heart” by Paul Tautges at Immanuel Bible Church. This sermon is a gentle critique of contemporary evangelical “lingo.”

Practical Steps to Financial Freedom” by Wayne DeVrou at Oostburg First Reformed Church. The title speaks for itself.

Gardening your marriage,” delivered by Paul Tautges at Immanuel Bible Church. This sermon contains Biblically based advice for married couples.

This sermon on divorce was delivered by Reverend Julia Hollister at First Congregational Church. It explains why the United Church of Christ has seen fit to to include an “Order for the recognition of the end of a marriage” in their official litany. See my “commentary” page for a rebuttal of this sermon.

God above Japan” by Paul Tautges at Immanuel Bible Church. This is an excellent sermon explaining what lessons we should learn from natural disasters.

“God’s Greatest Gift” by Reverend John Berg at Trinity Lutheran Church. I disagree with Reverend Berg’s statements about baptism and salvation.

Walid Shoebat gives reasons why a church might want to shrink their membership In a recent speach at First Reformed Church in Oostburg.


One Response to Comments on Local Sermons

  1. praying mom says:

    The eyes of the Lord are on the righteous and His ears are attentive to their prayer.” (I Peter 3:12a, New International Version) It is a comfort to know that as we go to Him in agreement with your prayer request that He is already looking at us and listening for our voices. You can have absolute assurance that He is delighted to not only hear your prayer, but to attend to it out of His mighty love. God is faithful to fulfill all of His promises to us and He promises repeatedly in His Word that He hears and answers prayer. Watch for His merciful and loving response to this request. God bless you with His marvelous peace.

    Dear father God, please I love you so much and need you so much. please lord send a deluge of prayer over the earth. prayers in every area of life especially where most needed. Please father make people Godly love for one another. Stop hatred, racism , violence and vengeance toward people on this earth. please reunite families, make people more concerned about life, righteousness, pleasantries than money. bless, give favor, save, protect, keep, watch, guide, guard, love. Increase Godly knowledge the lives of our children.Teach them lord to uphold the values that we grew up with. Stop them from being spoiled, uncaring, greedy, mean individuals. peace,serenity, joy and happiness to the world. Please bring a positive change for my dear friends. Please pray for my family to have their full and complete minds and gifts. Snatch out at the roots those predators that steal from the souls of men. Stop spiritual whores from stealing from our minds. Please Jesus put all things in order of directional paths, show no ungodly favor. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, Amen.

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