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When Is It Right To Walk Out On A Pastor’s Sermon? (3/24/14)

Some General Guidelines For Conflict Resolution In The Church (3/16/14)

Bible Verses For Church Fights (3/15/14)

Sinning Christians Should Be Restored to Ministry (1/1/14)

Personal Sin Should Be Handled With Sensitivity By The Church (12/4/13)

How I Became A Christian (11/20/13)

New Research On Junk DNA Should Influence Intelligent Design Debate (9/7/12)

Some Churches Try To Stop Believers From Being Baptized (9/3/12)

How To Help Young Men Control Their Sex Drive (8/9/12)

Three Groups Of People That Do Not Like To Repent And Serve God (8/2/12)

Men Can’t Blame Their Lust On Women (4/24/12)

Why Highschool Girls Should Save Romance For Later (4/20/12)

Teenage girls: Find love before you start dating (4/13/12)

Teenagers: Listen To Your Elders (4/12/12)

Good Friday is Bad Friday for Many Americans (4/6/12)

Shortcomings of Methodist Outreach (4/4/12)

Christians Should Often Let Themselves Be Cheated (4/2/12)

For Christians, agreeing to disagree is not an option (4/1/12)

We Need To Tell Other Christians About Our Sins (3/30/12)

Christians Need To Be Ready For Emergency Giving (3/29/12)

Remove the speck from your brother’s eye (3/28/12)

Christians need to interfere in each others lives (3/27/12)

First Three Generations of Christian Literature (3/26/12)

Churches should not make money through sin (3/24/12)

The Lutheran Book of Concord is fallible (2/23/12)

Lenten fasting should be done in private (2/22/12)

The Bible predicted the 6-day war (2/22/12)

Jesus is better than Alchohol (Paul Tautges’ blog) (2/13/12)

Local praise band makes an unfortunate decision (2/4/12)

A Rough Strategy For Getting Through Life With Minimal Debt (1/24/12)

Don’t borrow money for investments (1/23/12)

Why Debt Is No Excuse To Stop Giving (1/22/12)

Don’t Spend Thirty Years Paying Off Your House (1/21/12)

Think Twice About Buying A Starter Home (1/18/12)

Only Take Out One Loan At A Time (1/16/12)

Have a Safety Reserve When You Take Out A Home Loan (1/14/12)

Finances: Owning Versus Renting (1/13/12)

Don’t Get Into Credit Card Debt (1/11/12)

Don’t Get Into Debt For College (1/10/12)

Some People Should Not Be Invited To Take Communion In Church (12/15/11)

Scenario: When denominations disagree with God (12/13/11)

How Addiction To Pornography Affects your daughter: A First Person Account (12/13/11)

Open Letter to Bible-Believing Churches (12/12/11)

Scenario: Divorce and remmarriage in the church (12/12/11)

Scenario: homosexuals in church (12/11/11)

Churches Should Not Be Dating Centers For Adulterers (11/28/11)

Loving Churches Must Deal With Unmarried Couples (11/21/11)

Why Living Together Is Wrong (10/20/11)

Why Abortion Doctors Should Not Be Permitted To Join A Church (10/15/11)

The Church Can Help Teenagers Who Lose Their Virginity (10/5/11)

Paying Zakat and Fasting at Ramadan Does Not Make You A Good Person. (10/3/11/)

Does God Have a Son? (9/24/11)

Just Because Your Prayers are “Answered” Doesn’t Mean You Are Going to Heaven. (9/8/11)

Is Your Pastor a Minister of Righteousness? (8/10/11)

Why Bad Things Happen to God’s People (7/3/11)

Local Church Thanks God For Evolution (6/11/11)

Islam is a self-centered religion (5/23/11)

Norris Burkes Misinterprets Romans 8:39 (5/9/11)

How Come So Many Scientists Believe in Evolution If It’s Not True? (5/7/11)

Repentance, Courtrooms, and Consequences (5/7/11)

Why a loving church should confront sin in a divorce situation (4/11/11)

Why A NonChristian Should Not Judge Sin (2/9/11)

Why Forgiveness is Essential (2/2/11)

Do Not Associate With Rebellious Christians (1/25/11)

Let Your Pastor Do His Job (1/16/11)

An Inconvenient Truth For Wisconsin Churches (1/9/11)


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