Blogging Through The Bible

The main purpose of my blogging is to tell people all over the world what the Bible says. One way that I do this is by blogging through the New Testament one verse at a time. You can find my posts about individual verses by typing the Bible reference into the search engine on my blogs. Most of these posts are on my other blog. I have already blogged all the way through the following books of the Bible:

John         July 2012-March 2013 (Other blog)

Romans April 2013-August 2014 (Other blog)

I Corinthians April 2014-present

Galatians: September 2014-February 2015 (Other blog)

Colossians   November 2013-April 2014

James       June 2012 (Other blog)

I Peter       April 2012 (Other blog)

II Peter       May 2012 (Other blog)

I John      March 2012 (Other blog)

II John    March 2012 (Other blog)

III John     March 2012 (Other blog)

Revelation  January 2013-August 2013

The following are books of the New Testament That I have not blogged through yet:





II Corinthians


I Thessalonians

II Thessalonians

I Timothy

II Timothy






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