About Me

Thanks for reading my blog. My name is Daniel Schilling. I am a 30+ year-old forklift driver who has lived most of my life in Sheboygan County. I am shy, tall, and quiet. I have a beautiful wife who loves the Lord and some young children. I graduated “cum laude” from Hillsdale college with a bachelor of science degree in English and a minor in chemistry. I also have a one year Certificate in Bible from Emmaus Bible College.  My hobbies include writing epic poetry and reading history books about the wars of the 20th century. My favorite fiction authors are J. R. R. Tolkien and Mark Twain. I have written three epic poems and acted in two outdoor Shakespeare plays. I also used to do a bit of cross-country running, but I unfortunately have not found the time for it in recent years. My fastest two mile run was 12:29. My ancestry is Sheboyganite German and North Dakota Scandinavian.

If I had a “theme” Bible verse, it would probably be II Timothy 2:25.

“In humility correcting those who are in opposition, if God perhaps will grant them repentance, so that they may know the truth.”

If you wish to contact me, my e-mail address is schildan10@gmail.com If you wish to find out more about the church I go to, you can visit their website at http://delightintheword.org


24 Responses to About Me

  1. Robert Greggs says:

    Thank you for what you have done here and are doing. I have actually preached at one of the churches here in Sheboygan quite a number of times and praise God for someone standing for the truth. God bless you in your work for the kingdom.

  2. Thanks for the encouragement, Robert. We all have a responsibility to stand for the gospel by whatever means are at our disposal. God bless you, and thank you for your involvement in Christ’s local body.

  3. You say you are a fan of Mark Twain. Then you’ve read Huck Finn. Read it again.

  4. That’s an interesting, cryptic remark. I’ve actually read Huck Finn several times (probably about four or five), but I’m not quite sure what you’re getting at. Perhaps your referring to Mark Twain’s caricature of “religious” people in his books. In any case, you will need to give me more of an explanation if I am to get your point.

  5. robinb333 says:

    You have a wonderfully inspiring site….Thank you for sharing.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I read your comment on Pastor Hanusa’s sermon. I could not believe that such a young man like you are so stuck with fundamental theology.

    I feel sorry for your lack of theological education. Young man!. Be open-minded and read some books…You are a prisoner of your own literal interpretation of the Bible.

    I’ll bet you will be defensive of your conservative theology.. which is your hell.

    You want to go to heaven while others who don’t believe like you do burn in hell? Go to heaven as much as you want. Why don’t you go to heaven right now until you die at an old age? I don’t want to go to the kind of heaven you will be.

    Mark Twain said, “I am not worried about heaven or hell. I have friends both places” He also said, “Go to heaven for climate. Go to hell for company.”

    If you say to me and Mark Twain, “You will go to hell, if you believe that way,” then Mark Twain said, “All right! Then I will go to hell!” Are you happy now?

    Einstein said, “I don’t believe in a God who sends his own created beings to hell.”

    Neither do I…

    Please don’t bother to reply…I am not coming back to your blog.,..

  7. schildan10 says:

    Thanks for your reply.
    You are right that it is good to be open-minded and listen to other people’s opinions.

    Thanks for stopping by,


    • eliezer40 says:

      Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will. (Romans 12:2)

  8. i sent you are personal email with some questions.

  9. Layla says:

    Amazing article on purity before marriage!! Wow! So great to read things by other true believers!! I completely undertsand where people like “anonymous” are coming from – I used to be EXACTLY like that – until I had a true conversion experience. As the song goes “…was blind…but now can see” I pray that people who attack you will come to see, and know the Truth – Jesus Himself!! xo..Layla

  10. schildan10 says:

    Thanks Layla. I appreciate the encouragement

  11. Sebastian says:

    Hello Daniel…thank you for liking one of the posts on my blog at Faith1st Ministry. I hope it has encouraged you. Please continue check in on us from time to time and follow if you will. Thank you again and remember to have Faith 1st.


  12. jmsabbagh says:

    Thank you for visiting my site.You have a unique post. Regards. Jalal Michael

  13. Fear not god is with you.Isaiah 41:10

  14. Lee James says:

    Hi Daniel,

    Thanks for this blog. I agree with your teaching. God bless you.

    Lee 🙂

  15. Jeff says:

    Hi Daniel,

    This is a great site and a good start. If you are open to suggestions, it would be great if you could go a little deeper on the church profiles (a questionnaire?) around the “9 Marks of a Healthy Church”


    I.Expositional Preaching
    II.Biblical Theology
    III.The Gospel

  16. schildan10 says:

    That’s not a bad idea, Jeff, but I don’t think I’ll do it. It would simply take more time and resources than I have available. It would be difficult to apply all nine marks objectively to a church without spending weeks, if not months at each church I interviewed. I don’t have that kind of freedom, because I am busy being involved in my own church 🙂

    I’ve really given up on objectively trying to discover which churches are preaching the gospel and which ones aren’t. My goal in the articles that I am writing to these churches is to make sure that they all HEAR the gospel from ME, even if the don’t preach it themselves. I used to try to identify all the false teachers in Sheboygan County, but I have given up on that, because I do not want to accidentally slander a true preacher of the Word.

    In Christ’s name,

  17. Barb Drollinger says:

    Please be aware that the listing you have as the pastor at Faith UMC in Sheboygan Falls. It WAS Don Drollinger, today it is now Susan Gaul Safford
    Thank you

  18. Hello Daniel,

    You don’t know me, but I’m Josiah Stoffregen. I read that you went to Emmaus Bible College for one year. I’m also an Emmaus graduate as of 2015 with a major in Bible and Theology and Youth Ministries. I’m a local missionary to reach teenagers with the gospel in Sheboygan County and the rest of East-Central Wisconsin. Weirdly enough, I came across this website because I was trying to find Revive Baptist Church’s website. Want to exhort you in keep going in presenting the true gospel to those around you. I don’t normally do this, but I would love to get with you soon. My email is jstoffregen23@gmail.com. I don’t know why God placed this website on my lap, but I want to find out why. If you don’t want to meet with me then that’s fine.

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