My Dad’s Songs (A Father’s Day Tribute)

This is a touching article about my grandfather that my aunt wrote for Father’s day. He died when I was only six, but I can still remember his kindness and how he loved to play with us grandchildren.

Lytroo Retreat

Songs, oh the songs.  I am back in the car on a trip with my parents and two sisters to see Grandma and Grandpa on the North Dakota prairie or perhaps cousins who lived on a lake in Minnesota.  My dad loved to travel and he loved to sing with enthusiasm.  When the two were combined it was a lovely day.  His eyes would twinkle, his face would light up and he’d say, “Let’s sing!”  Often it was an old spiritual like “In the Hollow of His Hand.”  I still sing that to my granddaughter when I tuck her into bed.  “In the hollow of His hand, in the hollow of His hand, I know my Lord will hold me in the hollow of his hand.  Well I may not preach like Peter and I may not pray like Paul, but I can tell the love of Jesus and say…

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