Who should be allowed to take communion?

We have seen in the previous verses we have studied that communion is a very serious matter. Christians need to have their heart right when they take communion, and if they do not, they are committing serious sin against the blood and body of Christ. Therefore, since this is the case, who should be allowed to take communion? There are two common views that are both wrong.

The conservative, traditionalist view of many older denominations is that communion should be limited only to those who have been baptized a certain way or belong to their specific denomination. For instance, a WELS lutheran church will only allow WELS lutherans to eat communion: they will not allow a Missouri synod lutheran to take communion. This is wrong. No church has any right to forbid Christian from other denominations from taking communion, as long as they are believers who are not behaving immorally.

The liberal view says that any one should be allowed to take communion, even if they do not claim to be believers. This view does not give proper respect to the communion ceremony, and dishonors the sacrifice of Christ.

The proper view, is that communion should be open to all believers who are not obviously living in immorality. Those who take communion should be publicly warned about the responsibility to vet themselves, by examining their hearts prior to communion. They should not take communion if they they are conscious of an unconfessed sin that they have committed against someone else. They should apologize to that person first, and then take communion. They should also be warned to reflect on Christ and his sacrifice and not be distracted by earthly things when they are taking communion.

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