The Apostles Were Simply Servants Of Christ

There is no doubt in my mind that the original apostles of the Christian church were great men. And yet their role in the church is often exaggerated to the extent that they are idolized more than they should be. As Christians we ought to praise and worship our God, not His human servants. The Apostle Paul many times in the book of Corinthians warns us not to identify spiritually with human teachers and apostles, but with Christ. Here is how the Apostle Paul claims he should be honored by other Christians:

This, then, is how you ought to regard us: as servants of Christ and as those entrusted with the mysteries God has revealed. (I Corinthians 4:1)

Paul calls himself a servant of Christ. Paul, in and of himself, is nothing: Christ is everything. Paul is not inherently greater and more vital to Christianity than other Christians: He is their brother in Christ. God did not use Paul in order to display Paul’s greatness, but rather to display His own greatness through Paul’s weakness (II Corinthians 12:9). All of us Christians must serve the church according to the gift that God has entrusted us with. We cannot say for certain who plays the “greatest” role: we are all vital. We are not to treat an Apostle of Jesus Christ any better than the least of our brethren: all of them are redeemed saints. Many Christians, unfortunately,idolize great teachers and theologians, while at the same time despising the brother or sister sitting in the pew next to them. This is hypocrisy and favoritism, and this is wrong. We need to show each of our brothers and Christians in Christ the same kind of love we would display to the Apostle Paul himself if he were to come knocking on our door.

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