A Few Mistakes I’ve Made On This Blog

When I started writing this blog almost four years ago, I began with the purpose of trying to evangelize to the lost in my own area, Sheboygan County Wisconsin. My strategy was to write blog posts on individual local churches, to congratulate the ones that were preaching the gospel, and to rebuke the ones that were trying to stifle it. Over time I expanded the scope of this blog. I still try to keep my local church articles updated, but I also spend a lot of time blogging through the books of the New Testament, verse by verse. This allows me not only to spread the good news of the gospel across the internet, but it aids in my own Bible study. I also occasionally publish articles on the general topics of conduct in the church/family.

I believe that in the last four years God has greatly blessed this ministry. It has been good for me, and I think in some cases it has also been good for others. I have been able to share my faith with others and encourage some young believers in their new-found faith. However, I have made a few mistakes as well. Here are my three biggest ones.

1. Being too confrontational. In the early days of my blog I tried too hard to figure out which churches were preaching the gospel clearly, and which ones were trying to subtly stifle it. This is an almost impossible task, especially seeing as I did not have the time to visit all these churches myself. In those days I would call up pastors on the phone or set up appointments with them, and try to “put them on the spot” if they gave me slick answers rather than clear answers about the gospel. Nowadays I don’t try as hard to expose these false teachers. I think such exposures are probably better left to those who know them better. Today I only expose the ones who have made public statements that obviously contradict the gospel. Rather than wasting a lot of time trying to identify and label churches that preach lies, I try to focus more on preaching the truth very clearly myself in my articles to all churches, regardless of whether they are “good” or “bad” churches.

2. Unfairly Judging Others. I have been accused many times on this blog of violating Jesus’ command not to judge others. Many of these accusations were the result of people not understanding what Jesus was saying. True, we are not to judge others as if we are God, but we are free to communicate God’s judgments to men and plead with them to repent. For that reason I do not apologize for preaching that all people are sinners and that we will go to hell if we do not believe in Jesus for salvation. Nor do I apologize for exposing false teachers in our local community that preach doctrines contrary to the gospel. But there have been times where I have been overly judgmental. Some of my writings on personal finances, for instance, although containing some good advice, were overly simplistic to the point of perhaps containing a degree of self-righteousness. In addition, I am aware of one or two articles that I wrote about local churches that weren’t quite fair. I have retracted these a long time ago.

3. Spamming. One thing I did on this blog was post “open letters” to individual churches throughout the midwest. These were form letters, that just gave general advice: they in no way reflected an individual knowledge of the churches in question. In retrospect, this was a bad idea. I posted several thousand of these articles, I have since deleted all but a handful of them. The fact that they got lots of hits but relatively few comments tells me that they did not really engage many people intellectually. People clicked on them expecting something different.

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