True Grace And Peace Can Only Come From God

Grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ (I Corinthians 1:3 NIV).

The Apostle Paul loves to encourage the recipients of his letters by blessing them with “grace and peace.” Many of us who have grown up hearing scripture are so used to these passages that we often want to skip through them quickly and not spend time thinking about them. “Grace and peace” are very elementary, and we are used to hearing about them frequently.

But they are also important. Grace, is God giving us good things that He is not obligated to give to us. It is a voluntary goodwill offering from God to us. He gives us salvation in Christ, the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, fellowship with one another, and ministries for us to do. None of these things are things that He needs us to do, but He gives them to us because they are good for us and He loves us.

God also gives us peace. Yes, our lives are often stressful and difficult, but all that is OK because our relationship with God has been restored. We do not have to fret over eternal punishment for our sins. All our sins have been forgiven if we believe in Jesus Christ and repent. We can have peace no matter how many people seek to be at war with us or condemn us, Because God is the only Judge of our souls, and He has forgiven us.

Both of these things are given to us from God the Father, the first Person of the trinity. He is the only one who can impart to us true grace and peace. We cannot achieve them by ourselves. And they are also from the Lord Jesus Christ. God only imparts Grace and Peace through Jesus and on account of His sacrifice for our sins. God has raised Him from the dead and declared that all are responsible for believing in Him.


Romans 1:7.

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