Put God first, period.

There are many things that so-called Christians pursue in order to give meaning to their lives. They pursue money, recognition, career success, marriage partners, family, relationships, ministry, and other things as they struggle to find fulfillment.

But none of the things I just mentioned are worth the effort if your focus is on your own happiness. Your focus must be on God first; the things I mentioned above must be pursued only when and if they fit into your greater mission of serving God. I am absolutely serious about this. Your life is a waste if having a relationship with God is not your first concern. You should be constantly thinking about God and your relationship with Him every day of your life. You must be praying in humility for him to forgive you your sins and lead you on the path of truth.

We need to stop focusing on Earthly things. We need to realize that it is God and only God who can ultimately judge if our lives were wasted or not. Don’t waste your life! Focus first on loving God, on pleasing Him, looking forward to the day when you can begin living with Him forever in heaven. True believers know that they are horribly wicked sinners. We have no power to save ourselves from our sins. But, Jesus does! He was raised from the dead, and those of us who believe in Him have also been raised from the dead, spiritually speaking. Our sins have been forgiven and we are new creatures. Therefore, since we have been raised in Christ, we should be pre-occupied with heavenly things, not Earthly things:

Since, then, you have been raised with Christ, set your hearts on things above, where Christ is, seated at the right hand of God (Colossians 3:1 NIV).

Jesus is seated in heaven at the right hand of God. We need to often think about Him there, how He humbled Himself to die for us, and how He now lives as our High Priest, interceding with God on our behalf. Jesus sacrificed a lot in order to establish our relationship with God. It is our responsibility to make the most of that relationship while we are on Earth, constantly thinking about how to better serve God.

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