Faithful living will bring God’s blessing into your marriage, even if you are married to an unbeliever

“So there are many weeds to pull, an infinite variety of weeds that you and I have to watch out for continually, lest the garden of our marriage becomes overtaken by the weeds, and the life is choked out of it forever. But there are fruits to enjoy. There are fruits to enjoy when you put forth the constant attentiveness, the diligent work to cultivate those soils, plant the seeds and pull those weeds. (39:10-39:45)
“There is the fruit of God’s blessing. You know, and that ought to be one of our greatest desires, to have God’s blessing upon our lives. To have, as the president of the Bible College that I attended in the ‘80s used to say: ‘the smile of God’s approval.’ And as sinners that blessing can only come to us if we have been redeemed, if we have been reconciled to God through faith in Christ, and as His grace continues to sanctify our lives we are brought more and more into a life of rich blessings. I Corinthians chapter 7 later on in the text Paul speaks of this blessing of God upon a family where there is a believer. That’s why he exhorts a believer who is married to an unbeliever to remain married, to not divorce the unbelieving spouse. The reason, Paul says, is because there is God’s blessing and God’s sanctifying influence upon that spouse and upon those children because of the believer’s presence. How much greater is the presence of His blessing when both husband and wife are believers, and pursuing Christ with all that is in them. What a tremendous fruit that none of us deserve. We don’t deserve any of God’s blessings.”

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