Unfaithfulness in marriage starts before adultery

“And then finally the weed of unfaithfulness. You’ve probably been wondering when I would talk about the weed of adultery, which is the tallest, prickliest, and most obvious weed that destroys marriages. But I’ve chosen the word ‘unfaithfulness’ instead, because I think it encompasses much more than the physical act of adultery, though that itself is sinful and destructive. Unfaithfulness is a matter that begins in the heart, so is adultery by the way. It begins with a violation of one’s loyalty. That’s why I hate the word ‘affair.’ ‘so-and-so had an affair.’ I hate that word. It lightens the offense for one thing. And it fails to grasp what is really at stake here, and that is, there is a covenant that has been broken. This is an issue of unfaithfulness. This isn’t just someone who went out and had a fling. This is the violation of a covenant-breaking action. It violates the covenant, it’s a grievous thing. As we saw earlier in Proverbs 2:17 the harlot’s sin is so serious because she forgets the covenant of her God. How many husbands and wives today are forgetting the covenant of their God? And unfaithfulness begins in little ways. Secret e-mail addresses, cell-phone numbers, lies about your whereabouts, immoral fantasies, becoming a little too chummy with people. It begins in little ways, and the list goes on and on.”

Excerpted from a sermon by Paul Tautges

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