Take Care Not To Neglect Your Marriage

“In the garden of marriage there is an infinite variety of counterfeit plants, that need to be spotted and pulled, that’s what a weed is, it’s a counterfeit plant. It may even look prettier than the good plants. But it’s a counterfeit that steals nutrients and light from the good plants. And these weeds must be spotted and they must be pulled. So let’s look this morning briefly at a dozen of these nasty weeds, and there are no doubt infinite more of them.”

“First, the weed of neglect. I think this is the most subtle weed of all. It doesn’t take work to have a garden that is filled with weeds. Right? It doesn’t take any work at all. All you have to do is plant your seeds, and go in your house, and come back a week later, two weeks later, or three weeks later and then wonder how you’re even going to walk through it. The weed of neglect is a fountainhead of all other weeds, a failure to constantly cultivate the previously mentioned soils, or to plant the essential seeds of a godly marriage will allow other nastier weeds to take over your garden. In other words, the weed of neglect overshadows all the other weeds, because if the weed of neglect can be successful, then you won’t notice the other things. Or, when they show up they won’t look quite as bad as they really are. Neglect is not always easy to spot; neglect is one of those low-creeping weeds, that creeps along the ground and wraps itself around the other plants, the good plants. Like it says in Song of Solomon 2:15 it is often the ‘little foxes’ that are ruining the vineyards. It is the little things that ruin our marriages.”

Excerpted from a sermon by Paul Tautges

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