Affectionate, Lasting loyalty is vital to a marriage

“Thirdly, we need to plant the seed of affectionate loyalty and here I offer to you Proverbs chapter five. I’m doing something radically different this morning, those of you who live here at Immanuel every Sunday morning you know that we are not going through verse by verse a passage of Scripture, but I am giving you an overview of the Scriptures and painting for you that hopefully will be of help to you, and so I offer to you Proverbs chapter five. Repeatedly in chapters five, six and seven, we find warnings against the adulterous woman, against the harlot, against the one who dresses herself or undresses herself, you might say in today’s immodest society, in order to attract men. And one of the most affective remedies against the lures of the adulterous, Solomon says, is for a husband to delight in his wife. To give attention to his wife, affectionate loyalty to his wife, which builds a fence, or we might say, a brick wall, hopefully, against adultery.”

Excerpted from a sermon by Paul Tautges

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