Your Spouse is Your Companion, Not A Pawn

“In this soil we must then continually plant four kinds of seed. First, the seed of companionship. When God first created Eve for Adam, she was made to be a helper suitable for him. The word ‘helper suitable’ that combination of words there in the original, implies that she was made to fit him. She’s a ‘fit’ for him, that is Eve complemented Adam by providing strength for his weaknesses. She was made to be his completer, to be his companion, not his slave. She was made from his side, and not from his head so that he could boss her around, nor from his foot so that he could trample upon her. But from his side, that she would be a side-by-side companion. If you read the Song of Solomon you will find this companionship exalted. Though the book is dedicated to the exalting the beauty of the physical relationship within marriage, there is a striking display of tender companionship that is found throughout the book. Plant the seed of companionship.. ”

Excerpted from a sermon by Paul Tautges


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