Marriage must be planted in the soil of lifelong commitment

“Thirdly, there is the soil of lifelong commitment. The garden of marriage requires this, which is under massive assault today. Jewelry stores in large metropolitan cities are now happy to rent out wedding rings instead of sell them. The rings might as well be spray-painted since the long-held image of gold being something that lasts is no longer in style. The traditional wedding vows ‘til death do us part’ are based on biblical teaching and the words of Jesus still stand true today: ‘What God has joined together let no man separate.’ While my wife and I were engaged we made a commitment to each other that the word ‘divorce’ would never be allowed in our marriage. It would never be allowed in our home. We vowed to each other that no matter how difficult times would get, we would not throw that word out as a threat, or as a way to manipulate each other.”

Excerpted from a sermon by Paul Tautges

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