Lack of Gender-Role Distinction Cause Confusion In A Christian Marriage


“Secondly, we need to cultivate the soil of gender role distinction. For the marriage garden to grow to a state of blessed fruitfulness, both husband and wife need to understand and live out their God-ordained role in the home. God designed the husband to be the spiritual leader, the lover, the provider, and the wife is designed to be his companion and helper, or his completer.”

“Today’s society is a mass of confusion. It is a mass of confusion concerning the roles of both husband and wife. Too many husbands are content to let their wives lead the family, and to be co-providers alongside of them. Too many wives have swallowed the devil’s lie that they will find true fulfillment in taking charge of marriage, taking charge of the family, and by pouring themselves into a career outside the home. This confusion of gender roles drains vital nutrients from the soil of a godly, healthy, marriage. ”

Excerpted from a sermon by Paul Tautges

“Biblical gender-role distinction also provides an illustration of the order and the authority that has always existed in the Trinity. This is something that we have talked about over and over again. The reason you cannot eliminate gender role distinction, the reason why you cannot excuse it as a cultural thing is because it is rooted in the very nature of God and the relationships of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. So the maintenance of proper gender role distinction paints a beautiful picture of the nature of God, and gives children an idea of what God is like. He is a God of order, He is a God of authority, and they learn to fear Him.”


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