Talk to me, I’m here.

Recently I have been thinking about my reasons for having this blog. What am I trying to accomplish? The answer, I’ve decided, is actually very simple: I am simply trying to present the truth of the Bible in accessible form to other people on the internet. My posts are not very long, my insights are not very impressive; hardly any of my thoughts can be considered truly “original.” But that’s OK. I don’t want to be “original,” I simply want to tell the truth about what the Bible says, because it contains the only hope for humankind everywhere.

So talk to me. Ask me questions. I want to tell you about Jesus, and the promises that God has for you.

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3 Responses to Talk to me, I’m here.

  1. Cheryl says:

    You know I read your blog always. It’s really the one I follow mostly and News that matters, ancient cures. I have been catching up to do though. I like the the Lord’s work through you on Revelation. I am glad you did this book. I was following a pastor who I felt got a bit too judgemental and uses a few not so bad cuss words. His last post, was talking about doctrinal views saying how many he has heard thus and thus and all the arguments. He even sort of I guess is saying no one can have it right. He does put down the Calvinistic view. I am as you know a stickler for discernment. What about all these views? The bible when read and following very firm preachers of the past, and now are very clear on mincing truths. It gives me a feeling of bending too much. I have a post-millinennialist view based on what the Bible states and many preachers do preach, eschatology. When I read your posts I see the same view. We see of course, softening which was predicted. What do you think? I feel preachers should preach as, Our Lord Jesus and our apostles did not softening or lightening the truth. I have been to churches and left because of, you know we all have our views. It doesn’t matter we end up the same place. I am now in a church, baptized there. Our pastor doesn’t mince words. I made a statement about predestination and election. I have no idea about who are God’s chosen. People actually scoffed when I said doesn’t God state His election through His word. Our bible teacher said, oh no we don’t talk about predestination. I am asking when we look at the deity of Christ are those all saved Christians, elect. Or am I wrong? It does say we have the mind of Christ on discernment from what He stated as a incarnate, only Begotten Son of God. (God, His ways and thoughts are boundless and unfathomable to us).Pastor said the above which I agreed with. You said ask and talk to you. These are just bothersome to me. We are told to contend for the truth. On the other hand, don’t stir up things. I got a little long, sorry.

  2. schildan10 says:

    Thanks Cheryl,
    It’s always a pleasure to hear from you. Regarding eschatology, it is very easy to become “judgmental” as you say. Bible prophecy is very complicated, so I try not to be dogmatic about it. And I fully expect that I probably have some of my interpretations wrong at times. I am only human.

    Concerning the Calvinist debate, it is very complicated too, and there are a lot of extremely Godly Christians on both sides. Personally I am in the middle (neither Calvinist nor Wesleyan). On the one hand the debate about election and God’s sovereignty is very important, but it is also very difficult. So we need to be very gracious when we discuss this issue with our brothers and sisters in Christ. I go to church with some incredible Christians, and yet even we disagree on some of this stuff. So remember first and foremost to love the brethren, as I trust you will.

    God bless,
    Your brother in Christ

    • Cheryl says:

      Thanks so much. I don’t really debate it with anyone at my church. I was just curious. I do believe my pastor answered very well for my saying what I did that day. I was just taken aback a little. I got over it, stayed away a couple weeks. He e-mailed me, so I knew he cared, regardless. I really felt ashamed. I apologized later telling them to accept me as I am. My illness is still there. I try to watch for it. I have those triggers. Mostly the heart on my sleeve and some deep sadness at times. I just overload at times. It’s a part of me I have to deal with. I thank the Lord. He is always with me and understands.

      As far as your teaching, I do think you have a great gift of discernment. You are right let God take care of it. For He knows all men’s hearts, not us.
      Thanks again, God Bless!

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