I Am Planning On Making This Blog Dissappear Over The Next Three Months

Writing this blog has been very rewarding for me, and a lot of fun, but I feel it may be time for me to bring it to an end soon. The chief purpose behind this blog was to present research on whether or not local churches are accurately preaching the gospel, or whether they have substituted the Word of God with the word of man. This can be a difficult task at times, and requires me to be constantly updating the 100 or so articles I have written about churches in Sheboygan County. In recent months I have fallen behind as I have spent more time in my other blog. I have decided to stop writing for this blog altogether. I will leave it up for a few months, but after that I will close it off to public viewing. The reason for this is that I feel I should not keep my “local church” articles available to the public indefinitely  since they will quickly become obsolete as they fail to reflect the most recent changes in various local churches.

My plan therefore, is to transfer most of my commentaries from this blog to other blogs over the course of the winter. When I am finished I will make this blog invisible to the public.

In Christ’s name,


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One Response to I Am Planning On Making This Blog Dissappear Over The Next Three Months

  1. schildan10 says:

    Now I am rethinking. There is a lot of good material on this blog, that people are still visiting via search engines. Perhaps I will leave this site up after all. I might cleanse it of some of my more critical church articles, however, for fear that they will quickly become obsolete, and innaccurate.

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