Will Your Church Accept You If You Are Pregnant Out of Wedlock?

I sense a lot of fear on the internet among unwed, expecting mothers who are afraid that now that they are pregnant that they cannot go to church any more. They are worried that conservative, “Bible-Believing” churches will expel them if they discover the truth.

However, let me assure you, as a devout conservative, “Bible-Believing” Christian, that unwed mothers have no reason to be afraid of any church that is truly following the Bible. The One True God who sent us the Bible is well aware of the challenges that face unwed mothers, and He loves all of them. Those who are devoutly serving Him will mirror the same love and care for unwed mothers.

Let me dispel a couple myths that you may have heard about Bible-believing churches.

1. “They are going to automatically turn me out of the church when they find out I’m pregnant.”

This is not the case. It is true that sexual immorality is strictly condemned by the Bible. However, your pastor and your church friends are not allowed to shun you as soon as they find out that you are pregnant. Rather, whoever knows you the best is required to have a heart-to-heart talk with you privately, and learn your side of the story first (Matthew 18:15). If they discover that you are doing/have done something wrong, they will lovingly use the Bible to give you loving counsel about what you should do. But disciplinary action can only be taken if and when you repeatedly insist on continuing in sin. If you really want help and direction, you have nothing to fear from those who truly love God.

2. “They are going to treat me as inferior to them.” Actually, true Christians are not allowed to regard themselves as superior to anyone else, regardless (Philippians 2:3). Likewise, harmful gossip and slander is forbidden (I Timothy 3:11, 5:13). Therefore if the members of your church tries to degrade you or act like they are better than you, than you should probably go to a different church anyway.

If you are dealing with an out-of-wedlock pregnancy right now, a good church is the best place for you to go for spiritual and perhaps even physical help. God loves you, and so do those who are His true children (I John 4:20-21).

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