Question For Thought: Do Church Modern Church Growth Strategies Discriminate Against The Poor

I think Christian churches in America are pretty good about behaving politely to anyone who walks through their doors, regardless of their race or economic situation. However, I am worried about a more subtle discrimination against the poor: discrimination in where and how we build new buildings. New churches tend to be built on nice, expensive lots out in the suburbs, rather than in existing buildings closer to denser population centers. I think this is done because pastors prefer to target middle class/ lower upper class populations instead of the lower class. Many American churches dream about filling their coffers and about becoming respectable in the eyes of the local society. But the plight of the poor is more important than respectability or money. It is my personal opinion that the poor should be our first target for evangelism, then the middle class, and finally the rich.

That said, the purpose of this post is not to discredit each and every church that is in a rich neighborhood. Everyone needs to be reached with the gospel. I am just saying that there seems to be a general trend in modern church building that leaves out the poor.

Thoughts, comments?



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