Horrible things are happening to Somali Christians

I have recently done some on-line reading about what it is like to be a Christian in Somalia. Information on the internet is understandably sparse since it is very dangerous for Somalis to convert to Christianity. However, the little bit that I was able to learn appalled me. I have read multiple reports about how Somali Christian men are executed wherever they are discovered, their children are forced into islamic schools and/or terrorist training camps, and their wives are forcefully “married” to devout Muslims.

I believe in sacrificing everything for Jesus Christ the Son of God, but it is difficult for me to imagine what it would be like to sacrifice so much. Us western Christians who live in peace and security must constantly pray for these brothers and sisters in Christ who are suffering such horrible things.

You can learn more about the challenges being faced by Somali Christians my clicking on this link to somalichristians.org. I just finished listening to the story by “Hassan” and it moved me quite a bit.

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