A Request For Muslims

I have a simple request for Muslim leaders and devout muslims around the world: I want you to publically speak out against the mistreatment of Christians. I know that many of you will tell me that you do not support beheadings/rape of Christians worldwide. That is all very good, but that is not enough. I would like you to publically speak out against these things when they happen so that there will be pressure for them to stop.

I am a Christian. I believe that I belong to the right religion. However, this does not give me an excuse to beat or kill my family members if they stop believing in the Son of God and become Muslims. I would never hate them nor physically abuse them. Yes, it would make me sad, but I would still love them. I would try to persuade them to come back, and I would pray for them every day until they died.

Furthermore, I do not in anyway endorse abuse of someone for being a Muslim. Last year someone in my community through rocks at a local mosque. As soon as I found out about it I condemned this action on my blog and called for it to stop.

I humbly ask that you do the same thing. Please speak out against violence if a church in your neighborhood is burnt down, or a Christian is murdered, or his daughters are kidnapped.

You say that you believe in peace. Good! Then please speak up for peace so that our two religions can live side by side with out a struggle.

Whenever Christians mistreat Muslims, we Christians need to stand up and condemn it.

Whenever Muslims mistreat Christians, you should stand up and condemn that as well.

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