Guidelines for how Christians should treat others

“Show proper respect to everyone, love the family of believers, fear God, honor the emperor.” (I Peter 2:17).

True Christians should always try to live out the verse above with every ounce of energy.

1. “Show proper respect to everyone.” True Christians should not regard themselves as better than “infidels.” Every person is made in the image of God. God loves them all and wants them to come to repentance. We should love them to and show them respect, no matter how wicked they might be. Remember, we ourselves are saved by grace, not our own goodness. We should be willing to help others and feed the poor.

2. “Love the family of believers.” From the way some so-called Christians act you would think this command said: “hate the family of believers!” One mark of a fake Christian is that he can’t stand being with other Christians (I John 2:19). We need to love all believers with a special familial love. We have a special obligation to help take care of their spiritual and financial needs. We must not let petty arguments and annoying habits come between us.

3. “Fear God”. Many people say a prayer, “get saved” but afterwards keep living their lives as if God doesn’t exist. God needs to be the center of our lives.

4. “Honor the emperor.” Christians need to respect their government and contribute to it’s well being. Becoming a Christian does not give you an excuse to absolve yourself of allegiance to your country.

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