Why Highschool Girls Should Save Romance Until Later

The teen years are an exciting time for young females. Most of them look forward with great anticipation to their first love as they change from girls into women, maturing both in their outward appearance and (hopefully) in their compassion and sensitivity towards others. But it is also a dangerous time because now they must be prepared for the attention of excitable young men who are also going through a time of rapid change. Girls need to learn how to watch out for danger quickly, or else they could find themselves in a great deal of trouble.

A young woman will inevitably learn a lot about romance between the sexes during her teenage years. It is my strong suggestion that she learn most of it through observation and conversation with adults, not through personal experience. Of course every girl is going to get a crush on some boy (probably several) during her teenage and even pre-teen years, and she may feel certain from time to time that she is genuinely in love. But highschoolers should be warned to wait until they are older before engaging in romance. A girl who acts prematurely on what she thinks is true love could end up giving away part of her soul, and possibly even her body to a boy who is undeserving of her. She should be told that if the boy she likes really cares about her and is worthy of her that he will wait until she is older before he makes his move. If he really loves her for who she is he will be willing to take the time to let both of them adequately prepare themselves for an important and exciting relationship sometime after highschool.

Romance is an exciting, yet dangerous thing. Starting your first romantic relationship is a kind of like skydiving. Once you jump out of the airplane you will keep falling until you hit the ground. Romance between teenagers is the same way. Once the relationship gets serious and the two young people start kissing and pouring their hearts out to one another, it’s almost impossible for them to stop and go back to the way things were. Stopping a romantic relationship once it has gone into free-fall is kind of like fighting gravity. It might be physically possible for a skydiver to get back into an airplane, but it is extremely difficult. Likewise it is hard to stop a romantic/physical relationship before it goes “all the way.” The relationship will only naturally slow itself down once the two young “parachutists” hit the ground, metaphorically speaking. This will always be a disaster unless they are already married to each other at the time.

Therefore I think that romance should not be entered into until a woman is at marriageable age. And even then she and her boyfriend will have to think long and hard about how far they want the relationship to progress before you are engaged or married. Long car rides alone after dark, passionate kissing, and even hour-long conversations over the phone, are very addictive, and all lead you closer to the point in time when you lose control, your relationship “hits the ground,” and the parachute trip is over. These activities are very special activities that should only be engaged in with the person you intend to marry/ or are already married to.

Romance is a lot of fun. It is a time to build a special one-of-a-kind lasting relationship with another person. It is a time to learn about the person you love and surprise them with unexpected presents and acts of endearment. But it is not something that should be entered into lightly, since it will inevitably lead to a physical relationship. So don’t enter into a romantic relationship with out an endgame. Make sure that the person you love is trustworthy and have rules set in place for your conduct so that you do not go further than is appropriate before you get married.

Don’t embark on romance just because everyone else is doing it, or because a cute boy is pressuring you into a relationship. Romance without a plan is like jumping out of an airplane without a parachute. DON’T DO IT!

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