Message to Teenagers: Listen to your elders

If you are a typical teenager reading this blog right now, probably the last thing you want to do is listen to adults. Adults can often be bossy, annoying, and arrogant, so you would rather ignore them and run your own life.

However, in many cases you would be better off if you paid attention to what they said. You should at least think carefully about what they have to say before you reject it. It is true that many adults are arrogant and hypocritical. A lot of them don’t follow their own advice. Nevertheless, even the adults that have made mistakes know a few things. They have been through some of the situations that you are going through now, and have discovered how to deal with them.

The simple fact of the matter is that growing up is hard work. You are being faced and will be faced with many difficult problems and pitfalls, some of which you are not even aware of. If you are not scared, you should be. The decisions that you are making these days will end up affecting the rest of your life.

Therefore, I humbly beg you to find an adult that you can trust to give you good advice. In many cases this will be your parents. However, if your parents are absent from your life or untrustworthy, you may need to find someone else, perhaps a church member or a school teacher. Just be careful whom you choose. If necessary, make a list of qualities that you want in a good mentor, and then choose someone who matches that list.

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