The world’s viewpoint is to doubt the Biblical Jesus

“They are from the world and therefore speak from the viewpoint of the world, and the world listens to them.” (I John 4:5)

True Christians are not like the unbelievers who refuse to believe in the Biblical Jesus. The unbelievers talk and think with a different viewpoint than we do. Their eyes have been closed because they do not want to repent of their sins.

Just yesterday I was reading an article written by someone who has the viewpoint of the world. It denied the truthfulness of the New Testament and then said something to the effect of: “All first century non-Christian sources that mention Christ’s ressurrection were obviously forged by Christians at a later date, since this doctrine developed later.”

The statement above is circular reasoning. It presupposes that Christ could not have risen from the dead, and therefore the non-Christian writings (like the Josephus account) that say He did must have obviously been corrupted at a later date.

I will not allow myself to get caught up in their conspiracy theories and their complicated questions of “what if.” I do not think from the viewpoint of the world, nor do I wish to. I believe in the word of God which never changes, unlike the theories of man which are always in flux.

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