Message for Our Savior’s Lutheran Church, Sheboygan


Our Savior’s Lutheran Church is located at 917 Mead Avenue in Sheboygan. Their web address is, but it does not seem to be working right now. Their Pastor is Reverend Marcus Powers


Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ our Risen Savior.

I am writing this message to remind each one of you to believe in Jesus Christ for salvation and repent of your sins. If you do not/have not repented you will not be saved, even if you have been baptized and/or confirmed.

The Bible teaches that baptism is not an automatic guarantee of salvation. Jesus once said:

“He who believes and is baptized will be saved; but he who does not believe will be condemned.” (Mark 16:16).

Notice from this passage that baptism will do nothing to save the person who does not believe. Jesus says that if you do not believe, you are condemned, end of story.

There are several other passages in the New Testament that imply that someone who has been baptized is not necessarily saved. Two of them are: Acts 8:21-22, Revelation 2:20-22.

Therefore, I want to encourage you to continually preach the gospel boldly and clearly in a way that all who listen might understand that God’s commandment to believe and repent applies directly to them. Also, treat one another in true love, as is fitting for Christians, and pray for each other constantly. Keep studying your Bibles and looking for new ways to support the mission of the one true Gospel.

Feel free to contact me at for any reason.

In Christ’s name,

-Daniel Schilling

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